Welcome to Railway Preservation News
Welcome to Railway Preservation News
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Submittal of Materials to Railway Preservation News is Welcome and Encouraged!

Before submitting material please take a moment to read the RyPN Statement of Purpose, and RyPN Copyright Information.

The preferred method for receiving material submitted to RyPN is email. Please email us at dcollison@rypn.org. Pre-scanned images and text files are the easiest for us to deal with. We realize not everybody has a scanner, or even a word processor, and we’ll make every effort to accommodate materials submitted, regardless of the method.

Regardless of method of submittal, please be certain and include enough information for us to get in contact with you, such as an e-mail address, or regular mail address, and a phone number. (To get our U. S. mailing address please email us, dcollison@rypn.org.)

If sending photos via US mail or other delivery services please, indicate in writing if you wish to have the photos returned and, if so, please include a self addressed stamped envelope. The best and easiest images for us to scan are large color or B&W prints. Please do not send negatives or slides. RyPN cannot be responsible for materials lost or damaged in transit.

Written materials and photos submitted, if used, become the permanent property of RyPN. If the original material submitted is returned per a prior written request, the scanned image, or electronic database of the material is the permanent property of RyPN.

If you wish to limit distribution of written materials, or photos, or any other material submitted, please indicate so, and state the nature of the limitations, in writing when you send the material to RyPN. We will do our best to honor the requested limitations, and post them with the material on the website. But, in the final analysis, we can only trust the integrity of our readers.

Although we may occasionally purchase photos, usually from museums or other historical entities, for use in RyPN articles or other features, we regret that we are unable to pay for written material or photos at this time.