Welcome to Railway Preservation News
Welcome to Railway Preservation News
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RyPN Policy on Information Contained in This Website

In general, written material contained in the Railway Preservation News website, unless otherwise indicated, may be downloaded, copied, or reproduced, without seeking permission, and used in any manner, for free provided:

  • the usage is for personal, not-for-profit, and/or non-commercial purposes

  • the usage is consistent with the RyPN Statement of Purpose

  • proper credit is given (please give credit to RyPN and the author or photographer)

Most of the photos (not all) are also free for the taking, again, provided their use is consistent with the above stipulations. Some of our photos were purchased, and/or used only with the permission of certain individuals or institutions. These photos may not be legally downloaded, copied or reproduced for any purposes, and if you do so, you (we) could get in trouble.

Please help us observe copyright conventions. If you see an article or photo you really like, and it’s not one we can give away, drop us a line and we’ll put you in touch with the appropriate person(s) or place(s).

If you have any doubts about your usage being consistent with RyPN Statement of Purpose, drop us a line, and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Doug Bailey