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Trolley Lover Donates [To Wildwood Trolley 20]

An anonymous donor has given $300,000 to Liberty Historic Railway (LHRy) toward the restoration of Wildwood Trolley No. 20. According to LHRy Chairman Bill McKelvey, the trolley is estimated to cost $500,000 to restore. LHRy, a nonprofit which preserves artifacts of New Jersey transportation history, plans to run the restored trolley in Boonton, Morris County.

Fire At Zip-Line Business Destroys Historic Rail Car

LAKE GENEVA — A former Pullman rail car was destroyed in a fire Saturday afternoon at a Walworth County zip-line business. According to a release from the Lake Geneva Fire Department: At 3:10 pm on Saturday, Lake Geneva firefighters were dispatched to the report of smoke coming from a structure at Aerial Adventures Zip Lines, 302 Townline Road. The first arriving engine company found a well involved structure fire within a converted Pullman rail car. The fire was quickly extinguished and resulted in extensive damage to the structure and the loss of family pets.

Railroad Museum Rescues Historic Train Car Being Used As Home In Central El Paso

A historic railcar that was being used as a home in Central El Paso was excavated Jan. 8, and the nonprofit Railroad & Transportation Museum of El Paso plans to restore the wooden-framed "Express-Baggage Car" — which appears to date to the railroad's earliest history in El Paso.

Recreational Use Of Carthage-Area Railway Considered

June 21, 2018: Railstar Corp. CEO Ronald J. Trottier, having operated tourist train lines in Maine, Colorado and Florida, hopes to develop a scenic railway similar to the Adirondack Scenic Railroad in the Saranac Lake area. Mr. Trottier, owner of River Marine Inc. in Cape Vincent, said he has purchased the former train depot in Carthage and the railway yard in Lowville. He plans to lease the railway lines between the two villages and utilize them for tourist trains and rail bikes — pedal-powered vehicles that ride on railroad tracks. Mr. Trottier said the rail bikes have steel wheels, hydraulic disc brakes and pedals for each seat. Running at 12 to 15 mph, the rail bikes do not require “top-notch rail,” he said. “Steel rims on steel rails makes for an unique experience,” he said. “They are family friendly — all can participate at the same time; however, everyone might not be on the same bike.”

Woo-Wooooo — Vintage Steam Locomotive Gets Smokestack

On exhibit at Fort Walla Walla Museum since June 29, 2017, the 141-year-old Blue Mountain steam locomotive has been a bit underdressed until railfans from the museum and Walla Walla Sunrise Rotary added a funnel-shaped smokestack to help restore its original profile. Washington State Railroads Historical Society in Pasco built the new smokestack for the locomotive, said Sunrise Rotarian Fred Moore, who rounded up some volunteers to put it in place.

Yacht Club Offers To Sell Train Bridge - If Buyers Move It

The Friends of the Pere Marquette Bridge can buy the bridge equipment for $10,000, with that price falling to $1 if the group matches all obligations in the agreement.

Russian Abandoned Railroad Graveyard

Collection of old Soviet RR equipment

Detroit Train Station Architectural Drawings Sat In Rotting Trailers For Years

Residing in knotted grass behind a machinist shop in Trenton, the trailers were leaning at all the wrong angles. Holes were ripped through the sheet metal.