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North Coast Lawmakers Rally Against Plan To Ship Coal Out Of Humboldt Bay Via Rail

North Coast lawmakers have vowed to block a secretive plan to restore an abandoned stretch of defunct North Coast railroad to export coal overseas from Montana, Utah and Wyoming through the Port of Humboldt Bay.

Restoration For Plano Historic Landmark Car 360 Expected To Be Complete Next Month

Often referred to as “Car 360,” this historic, cherry red car has become a significant Plano landmark since it was first donated to the city in 1985. Since then, the 110-year-old train car has been given historical marker status from the Texas Historical Commission and has been the subject of multiple restorations and repairs.

Road Trippin @ Pennsylvania Trolley Museum

Nice television piece on the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum near Pittsburgh, PA

DB Reactivates 20 Decommisioned Routes

Deutsche Bahn will revive 20 lines with a total of 245 kilometers [152 miles] of track. “Every kilometer of track is active climate protection”, says DB Network Board Member Jens Bergmann.

The Soviet Spy Steam Railway That's Still Running

Deep in the dense green forests of Germany's Mittelgebirge central mountains lies a remarkable railway that has survived war, political upheaval, Cold War tension and repression, economic hardship and repeated threats of closure.