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NJ May Soon Get Its Own 9-Mile Version Of The High Line From Hudson To Essex Counties

Manhattan's High Line conversion from rail to urban walkspace has proven popular with city dwellers. Now an abandoned rail line nearby in New Jersey *might* become another urban walkway

The ‘Lady Engineer’ Who Took The Pain Out Of The Train

Olive Wetzel Dennis spent years test-riding railways, improving everything from climate control to dining-car china along the way.

Blog Offers Digital Tour Of Renovations At Michigan Central Depot

A blog called the Handbuilt City is offering a digital tour that shows the transformation underway at Michigan Central Depot.

Rare Michigan Locomotive Train Gets Sent To Pennsylvania For Restoration

The Michigan Iron Industry Museum in Marquette County said a temporary goodbye to an integral part of their collection — one of the oldest surviving railroad trains in the United States and one of the only three of its type in the world. The museum sent the locomotive to Pennsylvania for restoration, a process that will cost $200,000. Also, where are some other locomotives in Michigan.