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History Ignored Migrant Railroad Workers

Chinese immigrants helped build California, but they’ve been written out of its history...

Durango Train Punches Through Avalanche Paths Ahead Of Summer Season

Slowly but surely, the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad is digging out of the onslaught of snow and avalanches to clear the tracks for the first ride to Silverton in May. Jeff Johnson, general manager of the D&SNG, said clearing the tracks of snow is a laborious task the railroad’s crews tackle every spring. But this year, consistent, heavy snow in the high country has made it all the more daunting.

Big Strides Planned Next Year For Belmont Greenway, Trolley

(October 9, 2018) Visitors to downtown Belmont shouldn’t have to wait too much longer for two new ways to move through and experience the city — both by foot and by rail. One of those options will come in late 2019 or early 2020 when the city opens a new greenway, which will initially extend about a mile from Glenway Street to Main Street near Belmont Abbey College’s Sacred Heart Campus. That ‘rail trail’ will meander alongside the tracks of the old Piedmont and Northern Railway that dead-ends behind Main Street Cycles downtown. The other opportunity will arise from those same long-unused tracks finally being upgraded and put back into regular service. The nonprofit known as Belmont Trolley is about to begin a final push in its multi-year bid to bring a running streetcar back to the historic short-line railroad spur. And while the full vision will take several more years to realize, officials say the restored trolley they bought three years ago will be running on a small portion of the track at some point in 2019.