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Steam In The Valley

Television News segment by WJW TV 8 in Cleveland on NKP 765 on its runs on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad.

Remembering 9/11

Two passengers and an NJ Transit engineer recall what they saw and heard on the trains they rode immediately following 2001 terrorist attacks (also features PATH car 143 at TMNY)

Train Engine Free To A Good Home

The Pickaway County Fair Board is looking to find a home for Engine 106, currently residing at the fairgrounds.

100-Year-Old Clare Caboose Gets A Makeover

Eagle Scout candidates and fellow Scouts restore one of two ex-C&O cabooses (out of six total) that was at the Coopersville & Marne; it was sold and moved here in 2014.

Once Fantasy, Redeveloping Detroit's Old Train Depot Now Seen As Doable

Closed for nearly 30 years, the massive Michigan Central Station in Detroit is widely known for its ornate architecture and haunting emptiness and decay, but so far has missed out on the surge in redevelopment happening in the city. Now the possibility for a full renovation and reuse of the old train, long a Detroit development fantasy, could finally be approaching the realm of possibility.