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Welcome to Railway Preservation News
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Group Aims To Rescue, Restore Wilkes-Barre’S Last Trolley

One of the four cars that remained on the transit company’s property on the last day of service — 790, a sister of 788 — cheated the scrapper’s torch and has spent the last 67 years heavily disguised as a cottage in Franklin Township, overlooking a small lake in the Back Mountain. After many years of organizing and negotiating, a group of local volunteers has created a nonprofit organization, Anthracite Trolleys Inc., and are raising funds to extricate 94-year-old car 790 from its longtime resting place and restore it to running condition.

How To Move A Bridge In Alna: Take Route 218

Shortly after dawn Saturday at Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington Railway Museum on Alna's Cross Road, the nonprofit's volunteers and hired Westport Island firm Chesterfield Associates prepared to head north with a rebuilt 1918, 30-ton Douglas fir bridge. The trip to Trout Brook took hours. The journey to Saturday took 11 months.

Old Depots Survive In Eastern Ohio

Story on surviving stations in eastern Ohio

Churchill Railway Deal Revitalizes Hopes For Northern Port

We can't ignore the potential...News of a deal to sell and repair a Manitoba town's broken rail line means more than just a return to reasonably priced groceries and easier access for visitors to the polar bear capital of Canada.