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The 'locomotives Graveyard' Where Hundreds Of Old Engines Were Saved From The Scrapheap

Preservation news from England

1955 Steam Engine To Be Restored, Will Soon Be Back On Tracks

Railway preservation news from India

Ghost Of A Steam Engine Past

Railway preservation news from India

Big Boy 4004 To Return To Original Glory

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Pennsylvania's Last Massive Coal Breaker Comes Down, Ending An Era

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Coal Tower On E. Water Street Could Soon Receive Renovations

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Grant To Aid Expansion Of Nevada State Railroad Museum

The Nevada State RR Museum in Boulder City will use this $350,000 grant to spearhead an eventual $24 million expansion.

Ford Is Keeping The Passenger Tracks At Michigan Central Station

...we will ensure that we protect four passenger tracks. Right now, there's two freight rail lines that run behind the station, and when we redo the back of the station, we'll ensure that whatever we do, we'll have the capability to bring passenger rail through there again.

Ford Says It Plans To Put Housing In Detroit Train Station

Michigan Central Station could soon be Detroit's hottest residential address. The automaker said Tuesday that it plans to open several floors of housing in the old depot as part of building's coming top-to-bottom redevelopment, set for completion in 2022.

Finland's Capital Gives Away Its Old Trams

F.Y.I.: Finland's capital gives away its old trams, and you have to preserve them.

It's Official: Morouns Sell Detroit Train Station To Ford

The long-vacant Michigan Central Station, which for years was a signature eyesore symbolizing Detroit's decay, will be revitalized by Ford Motor Co. as the hub of a Corktown campus focused on advanced automotive technology.

Transportation Museums Eviction From Noblesville Park Delayed

A judge said Thursday that he'll decide by the end of June how much time the museum has to move from its longtime home at Forest Park ... Noblesville had given the museum a June 1 deadline to move out after the city chose not to renew its lease with the museum ... Hamilton Circuit Court Judge Paul A. Felix said he’d make a ruling in the case by June 29. The parties involved have until June 13 to submit additional information for him to consider before he makes a decision. ... In the meantime, the museum can stay at Forest Park and continue removing equipment and cleaning up

'Miss Brackenridge' Out Of Retirement

Nice article and video about the completion of West Penn Railways streetcar No. 832 Miss Brackenridge and announcement of the "On Track for the Future" Capital Campaign at the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum, Washington, PA

Ohio Rail Experience Coming To Town

The Ohio Rail Experience (ORE), a part of the 501 (c)(3) Cincinnati Scenic Railway, will be coming to town to take ticket holders on a unique one-day trip.

Train Depot Changes Ownership Ahead Of Expected Ford Announcement

The long-empty Michigan Central Depot in Detroit's Corktown has changed ownership from the billionaire Moroun family to an entity registered to a New York law firm, ahead of an expected mid-June announcement that Ford Motor Co. will redevelop the building.

'Incredible' Remains Of Railroad In Hitchcock Woods Creating Excitement

Remains of original South Carolina Canal and Railroad Company line discovered near Aiken, SC.

Walt Disney's First Love Lives On At This Historic California Ranch

The vintage locomotive is pulling two passenger cars around a two-mile loop at Santa Margarita Ranch in San Luis Obispo County, a roughly 15,000-acre property settled by Franciscan missionaries in 1774. But these carriages once had a very different home about 250 miles south of here. The passenger cars and two others in the ranch’s inventory were part of Disneyland’s railroad attraction when the theme park debuted in 1955.