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Railway Museum Acquires 117-Year Old Parlor Car From Whidbey Island

After spending more than 60 years as a cottage on South Whidbey, the 117-year-old Parlor Car 1799 has a new home at the Northwest Railway Museum in Snoqualmie.

New Train Hall Opens At (NY) Penn Station

Farley Post Office transformed into new train hall for Amtrak and NJ Transit passengers

Vancouver Man Heads Nonprofit Whose Volunteers Are Rebuilding SP&S 700 Steam Locomotive For Possible 2021 Run

When completed, dozens of people will have contributed to the boiler rebuild, including volunteers, commercial businesses and a machining class at Clackamas Community College in Oregon City, Ore. The cost of the project is close to $225,000, paid for with donations and grants.

Headwaters Junction Plans Revisited

The original idea turned a North River property into a location for a restored engine roundhouse, locomotives, rolling stock, depot and train ride. That vision evolved as a city consultant not envision it within the Riverfront's future. The City assumed a Headwaters purchase agreement of roughly one mile of railroad right of way. The article describes the new vision and plans.

Headwaters Junction Plans Being Filed For Project's New Site

Headwaters Junction planned to file with Fort Wayne for a railroad-themed attraction. The project at 1010 Cass St. will include a depot, gazebo, club car and 18-spot parking lot. The club car will be available for private parties and events.

Museum Association 'blindsided' By Impending Closure Of Railway Coastal Museum

News that the City of St. John's would be closing the Railway Coastal Museum came as a shock to the Museum Association of Newfoundland and Labrador, which says there was no consultation with them about the decision — and they have a lot of questions.

Flour By Rail

Plan to save several vintage boxcars and display them along with early diesel loco

Napa Wine Train Waits Out COVID-19 As Surge Puts Reopening On Hold

One of the wine country’s best-known tourist attractions is heading into winter with its path to reopening as unsettled as the battle against the coronavirus.

Historic Manchester [NY] Roundhouse: Can This Building Be Saved?

The fate of the long-abandoned Lehigh Valley Railroad Roundhouse could become clearer early next year.