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Watch: Removal Begins For Historic Dallas Streetcar Stranded In Closed Spaghetti Warehouse

Having monitored the rescue mission for months, I am confident at last that Old East Dallas’ Streetcar 707 is headed home — although you’re not likely to see it until sometime next year.

Here's A Peek At Some Of The Changes Planned For Edaville

New partners in Edaville Family Theme Park are planning some changes.

WW&F Holds Grand Opening For Mountain Extension

Press coverage of the WW&F celebration that marked the opening of the 3/4 mile "Mountain Extension".

Port Huron And Detroit Railroad Historical Society Creates Legacy With New Fund

The Port Huron and Detroit Railroad Historical Society has dissolved their non-profit, but they have created a lasting legacy by sharing their remaining assets with the community and creating the Tunnel City Railway and Transportation Heritage Fund, in a collaboration with the Community Foundation of St. Clair County.

Carter County [Tennessee] Planning Commission Gives Green Light To Doe River Gorge Christmas Train

After many decades, it appears a narrow gauge railroad may return to property near the gorge in time for Christmas of 2023. On Tuesday afternoon, the Carter County Planning Commission gave site plan approval for a new railroad loop through the property of Doe River Gorge Ministries.