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Paradise Depot Museum Remains Standing After Camp Fire

Depot and caboose survived while much of the town was lost.

Chile Man Owns Full-Size Train Set In Backyard

After Chile's rail network was dismantled in the 1980's, a railfan bought up scrapped coaches and track and filled his back garden to create his own paradise.

Ford Plans Construction On Michigan Central Station By Year's End

Ford Motor Co. expects to start construction on its Michigan Central Station renovation before the end of 2018, the automaker said Thursday (Nov. 8, 2018). The automaker will work with design firm Quinn Evans Architects and architects at Christman-Brinker on the project expected to be completed some time in 2022.

Rail Enthusiasts Ready To Revamp Classic North Coast Limited Tail Car

April 2018: Built in 1946 and redesigned in 1953 amid a broader effort by famed industrial designer Raymond Loewy, the observation cars featured the most expensive sleeping options. Four were roomettes, with one more compartment before the narrow hallway opened into the most glamorous section of the train — the observation area. Retired in 1968, the car passed through several owners, including the Bangor and Aroostook Railroad, before the museum bought it last year for $2,000.

Circus Car Moving To Gallipolis, Ohio

July 2018: The former Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus car that came to Huntington in June 2017 is going to move again — to the Gallipolis Railroad Freight Station Museum in Gallipolis, Ohio....Nelson and Borden Black McGahee of Columbus, Ga., bought the circus car - a sleeper numbered RBBX 41307 - in May 2017 for $15,000 after the circus went out of business.

Flood Spawns Birth Of Rail Bike Rides Along Remote, Scenic Buffalo Creek

This article from August 2018 describes a service with motor car and railbikes, that replaced a washed out bicycle trail project. "In the fall of 2015, the Buffalo Creek Recreational Trail was nearly complete, following the Elk River from Clay to Dundon and then extending upstream along the route of the former Buffalo Creek & Gauley Railroad far into the remote and scenic Buffalo Creek Valley. ... After clearing debris from the railroad line’s right-of-way using mainly donated labor and loaned equipment, developers of the Buffalo Creek Recreational Trail decided to repurpose the project as a “rail-with-trail.”

Railcar’S Party Days Come To An End

This April 2018 article is about a brief effort to utilize heritage rail cars from the Santa Fe Southern as a stationary experience in Lamy, NM. "The New Mexico Alcohol and Gaming Division has advised primary owner Karl R. Ziebarth that under the company’s Public Service license they can no longer host weekend events in Club Car 1158."

Historic Rail Car Vandalized

This article from June 2018 is about wooden Rutland RR car 551. Rutland City Police are investigating vandalism of a historic rail car at the Vermont Farmers Food Center after two teenagers were found sleeping in it. Police Chief Brian Kilcullen said the two boys, aged 14 and 15, were found in the car Sunday morning, apparently having spent the night there. A window on the door to the car was broken, and Kilcullen said some wires were hanging down inside, but the incident was still under investigation and it was not clear the two youths were responsible for the damage.