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Ulster Lawmakers Approve Removal Of Tracks To Build Ashokan Rail Trail

Ulster County lawmakers took a giant step forward Tuesday toward creation of a recreational trail along the Ashokan Reservoir, approving a series of resolutions authorizing removal of railroad track there.

In 7-4 Vote, Council Approves Restoring 99-Year-Old Streetcar

No. 351, a hulking and dilapidated 99-year-old streetcar pulled out of a Belle River cottage a decade ago, is going to be restored and showcased as “an authentic piece of Windsor’s history.”

East Cleveland Gang Swiped Cabling Worth Thousands From North Yorkshire Moors Railway Line

Four Teesside men who hatched a plot to remove thousands of pounds’ worth of safety cables from a heritage railway have been spared jail. Robert McConnell, 31, Jason Hoggarth, 43, Ricky Bowman, 33, and David Sayers, 39, all played a part in either stealing or selling trackside cable from the North Yorkshire Moors Railway Line and lines operated by Network Rail.

Hogwarts Express Rescues Family Stranded In Highlands

A train meant for tourists in Scotland rescues a family cut off by floods.

They’Ll Be Working On The The Railway ... And You Can, Too!

Each fall, the volunteer run and managed railway museum holds a work weekend where volunteers come from both near and far to help maintain and rebuild the railway. ... No experience or special skills are required, only a willingness to learn and participate in a team effort to keep the Sheepscot Valley’s narrow gauge railway in a fine state of repair.

Rare Electric Interurban Car Added To Museum’S Collection

Puget Sound Electric Railway interurban car acquired by Northwest Railway Museum

Is Europe's Ghostliest Train Station About To Rise Again?

It was one of the world's most opulent railway stations, sitting imposingly on the French-Spanish border - but then it fell into disrepair. Now the building is showing new signs of life.