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RyPN Briefs August 8, 2008
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Pullman Hobo Fest
Press Release

Tom Shepherd .:|:. Photos used with permission via hobofest.southchicago.info

SEPTEMBER 6-7, 2008

Things are gearing up for this year's Hobo Gathering! A great historic site has been added as our hobo jungle (campsite), new walking & rail tours, replica of 1900's railroad town & ticket office, and "Chicago's Largest Mulligan Stew Ever!" See below or check the Hobofest website for more info!

The Pullman Palace Car Company Clock Tower and Administration Building Complex is one of the most beautiful industrial landscapes of America. In cooperation with the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, we are very pleased to open this site for camping for our 2008 Hobo Jungle! See pictures at http://hobofest.southchicago.info/jungle.html.

The friendly Pullman community hosts a free welcoming dinner on Saturday evening prior to the Hobo Concert at historical Greenstone Church. Luther the Jet performs on the church's renowned Stearns & Turner pipe organ. Hobo minstrels and Chicago talents share stories and song.

Throughout Saturday & Sunday, Hobo foklore is explored through exhibits, crafts, food, and music. Open camping site. On Sunday, the event is crowned by a big barndance/squaredance, and finally folk music, bluegrass, R&B, and country are mixed up in a funky mulligan stew. Take off your pack and kick up your heels or just kick back and relax for a musical extravaganza.

NEW: Commuter rail guided tour from Pullman to Chicago. See http://hobofest.southchicago.info for more information.

Schedule of events:

  • Friday & Saturday: Camping at the Pullman Clocktower site. See the Hobofest website for more information.
  • Saturday & Sunday 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM: Exhibits. Replica of 1900's railroad town, railroad station, ticket agent, conductor, and display of railroad artifacts & memorabilia (special thanks to the Blackhawk Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society). Pullman antiques & exhibits, furniture, video presentation, and model train exhibit. (Special thanks to the Historic Pullman Foundation). Location: Pullman Visitors' Center (11141 S. Cottage Grove Ave., 773-785-8901).
  • Saturday & Sunday, times to be announced: Two guided tours will be offered. 1) Walking tour of Pullman Historic Distric, adjacent "Bumtown", and old I.C. switching station. 2) Guided rail tour by Metra of Chicago's South Side. Pullman to Chicago. Times of tours to be announced.
  • Saturday & Sunday All Day: Various hobo entertainers, exhibits/presentations, crafts, etc. Location: Arcade Park (111th Place & St. Lawrence Ave).
  • Saturday 4:30-6:30 PM: Welcome Dinner and "Chicago's Largest Mulligan Stew Ever!" Free will offering suggested. Greenstone Church (11201 S. St. Lawrence Ave).
  • Saturday 7:00-8:30 PM: Grand Hobo Concert and Organ Jam at Greenstone Church Sanctuary (11201 S. St. Lawrence Ave).
  • Sunday 1:00-3:00 PM: Open Mic at the Pullman Stables (11201 S. Cottage Grove Ave).
  • Sunday 3:00-6:00 PM: Squaredance/Barndance at the Pullman Stables. Music by Acie Cargill. (11201 S. Cottage Grove Ave).