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RyPN Briefs January 24, 2007
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More Horseshoe Curve REA

There has been much comment on the Interchange about restored REA boxcar #7375 (see brief on 1/8/07), particularly about fonts. Below are some pre-restoration photos that should be of interest.

Lettering with the paint restoration was copied from the car and not "designed." All stencils were copied as well. We do know that this car was built in October 1955 but it is unknown if any other painting, prior to the restoration, occurred since that time. The roof is characterized by a walkway and ice hatches at each end, and the hatches were stenciled with the "REX 7375" also (not shown).

A detail side view of REX 7375 just prior to re-painting, July 2006. Chapter member Tim Heidler is on the ladder while other members work on the brake beam installation under the car body. As you can see, much of the original paint had washed off the car body. All photos by David Seidel.
REX 7375 in August 1991. At some point, "REX 7375" has been re-applied but it is not known for what reason or by whom.
REX 7375 as found by Horseshoe Curve Chapter member H. Wayne Burket in the Hollidaysburg car shop yard (Sam Rea in PRR parlance), January 1985.

When originally discovered by the Horseshoe Curve Chapter #7375 was coupled to ex-PRR Class B-60 baggage car #9055, and both cars were purchased by Chapter soon thereafter. It is believed that both would have been eventually scrapped.

And, speaking of #9055, it too was restored by the Chapter, at Union Tank Car Co. in Altoona, during 1995. Earlier, a dropped coupler end had been replaced at the Everett RR shops in Claysburg, Pa.

Union Tank Car Co., former Lithcote Corp., then a division of Union Tank, occupies the former PRR Passenger Car Paint Shop complex at Chestnut avenue and 7th Street. Directly opposite the plant on Chestnut Avenue would have been located the PRR's athletic field complex, Cricket Field, where many inter-divisional sports competitions were held.

All markings and fonts on #9055 were traced from the original, with the exception of the NRHX markings. "Railway Express Agency" lettering adorns the central panel above the car number.

Two photos of B-60 #9055 at Union Tank Car Co. in August 1995, on the transfer table (above top), and being stored and simultaneously used for storage (above).

This car was stored by the Chapter at Union Tank Car Co until December 2006, and during that time was utilized by the company to store dry inventory. The car was relocated in December 2006 and placed on permanent loan to Railroader's Memorial Museum, Altoona. It may be utilized in the future as part of a consist for excursions pulled by PRR K-4s #1361.