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EMD Displays – Complete Locomotive Machinery Set
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Author:  PCook [ Wed Jan 12, 2022 3:19 pm ]
Post subject:  EMD Displays – Complete Locomotive Machinery Set

EMD Displays – Complete Locomotive Machinery Set

In 1947 EMD constructed two displays of the complete machinery set of an F3 diesel locomotive. These showed the 16-cylinder 567B engine, D12 main generator, and accessory rack positioned as they would be in the locomotive engine room. To save weight and make them more readily transportable, the machinery sets were installed on twin I-beam skids rather than much larger and heavier locomotive underframes. Other than having the D12 locomotive DC main generator, these displays were also quite similar to the EMD 567B industrial power generating skid units which used commercial alternators.

Two machinery set displays were built. The one pictured below, for trade shows and open house events, was just the locomotive machinery without the roof hatches. A second, nearly identical machinery set was built for the EMD Training Center at the same time, and it was displayed with the engine cooling fan and radiator hatch, and the locomotive dynamic brake hatch, hung in their proper location above the machinery, suspended by steel rods from the ceiling.

The fate of the trade show display set is not known. It was probably disassembled and the components were rebuilt for the unit exchange parts pool after 1953.

The Training Center machinery set had a 567C engine replace the 567B after 1953. It was further modified with a 567D3A engine around 1964 and the F-unit roof hatches were removed. It was later equipped with a 645E3 engine and AR10 traction alternator in 1966. These remained in the Training Center until its replacement by a new Training Facility in the 1990s.

This type of display could be developed using components from scrapped locomotives. The concept for this display is equally adaptable to Alco, GE, FM, BLH, or other locomotive machinery.

For additional information on manufacturers trade show displays see R&LHS RAILROAD HISTORY Issue #213 (Fall-Winter 2015) article SELLING THE DIESEL beginning on page 64. There was also an article in Railroad Model Craftsman around 2010 on EMD's uses of models and displays.


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Author:  Richard Glueck [ Thu Jan 13, 2022 11:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: EMD Displays – Complete Locomotive Machinery Set

Was it a GP30 displayed at the 1964 NY Worlds Fair? If I recall correctly, it was eventually sold to the NYC, but not preserved for any purpose.

File comment: EMD poster recovered from Maine Central shop
EMD 567 posterred.jpg
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Author:  PCook [ Fri Jan 14, 2022 12:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: EMD Displays – Complete Locomotive Machinery Set

The 1964-1965 Worlds Fair display locomotive was former EMD GP35 demonstrator 5661, which was numbered 1964 (and later 1965) for display use. It was fitted with visible glass panels, including in the side of the cab. After the fair it was restored to operable configuration and sold to the New York Central as their road number 6155, the highest numbered GP35 in their fleet. It became 2399 under Penn Central and retained the number into Conrail


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