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GG1 disassembly photos
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Author:  bbunge [ Fri Jul 10, 2020 12:40 pm ]
Post subject:  GG1 disassembly photos

Just for the record. This set of photos showing the replacement of the articulation pin in a GG1 came across a Facebook feed. Perhaps these may one day provide clues to a future group looking to move a GG1 in pieces, be it on flat cars by truck (ie in three pieces, two sets of running gear and the body).


Original URL here:

https://digital.hagley.org/islandora/se ... 28GG1%29?f[0]=-RELS_EXT_isMemberOfCollection_uri_ms%3A(%22info%3Afedora%2Fislandora%3Aead%22)&f[1]=mods_originInfo_dateCreated_mdt%3A[1960-01-01T12%3A00%3A00Z%20TO%202020-01-01T12%3A00%3A00Z]&cp=islandora%3A2339204&islandora_solr_search_navigation=1&fbclid=IwAR1id8mfAeEXCki0_MMLXpNU1cfiWOYQUvs5uEp3aCf43uXFs1mebeHd0wE


Author:  NYCRRson [ Sat Jul 11, 2020 11:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GG1 disassembly photos

Very interesting collection of photos at that site. Here is one of a VERY LARGE metal planer;

https://digital.hagley.org/PRR_09958?so ... fset%5D=16

A metal planer is a large metal working machine where the work-piece (ie a gg1 frame) was mounted to a table that moved linearly "back and forth" past a metal cutting tool. Very interesting (and large machines). To finish a flat surface on a large 50 foot casting it would require a 100 foot planer..

Imagine running a wood plane over a 50 foot beam and getting it flat enough for the intended purpose.

It looks like the GG1 frame is setup in the metal planer to finish machine the inside/outside surfaces of the axle bearing boxes ?

Great photos, very interesting details.

Cheers, Kevin

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