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 Post subject: Ex-UP E-9 in Danbury
PostPosted: Sat Dec 26, 1998 9:06 am 

The issue Kevin Gillespie raised about working out a swap for the former ex-UP E-9 now in Danbury, CT, in NYC colors, so it could be restored to UP colors never really got addressed.<p>Could somebody more knowledgable than me (that's a lot of you) propose some various scenarios for this to happen. I.e., what is out there that could be gotten to trade to Danbury, and who would get the UP E-9?<p>This ignores, of course, the fact that the engine actually belongs to a Texan, Ed Bowers, and who knows what his plans are? But let's keep it simple, for now, but as a native Texan I can testify to the sympathetic and rational approach all us Texans have towards worthy causes:)<p>Another issue raised (by me) during the thread started by Kevin was the painting of a non-SF F-unit into a warbonnet paint scheme. Kevin discussed converting a CF7 back to an F7. Although I agree a complete reversal of the process would be impractical I point out that UP's own E-9s have had their monocoque carbodies converted to a more conventional frame with a non-structural body attached. Could a CF7 be cosmetically converted to an F7 along the same lines?

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 Post subject: Re: Ex-UP E-9 in Danbury & UP E-8 #928 shell in Chey
PostPosted: Mon Dec 28, 1998 5:24 am 

Thanks for bringing up the UP #912 ("NYC #4096")issue. I have two suggestions as potential recipients. The Orange Empire Railway Museum has UP E-8 #942, and a matched pair of E's would certainly look and sound nice together (a four V-12 symphony)! Secondly, the Portola Railroad Museum would be an excellent recipient as well, what with their track record of restoring and running historic diesels! I would gladly pay 50% above the going rate to run #912 for an hour.<p>I understand that the hulk of E-8 #928, the only other UP E-8 "survivor" is now at the Cheyenne roundhouse facing an uncertain future. I read that the UP took some running gear parts from it to get one of its operational E's out on a business train special. <p>I know that the Western Heritage Museum in Omaha sold #928 to an individual who intended to salvage the cab and scrap the rest of the engine. Why a so called-"museum" would committ such an outrage is beyond me. This inquiring mind wants to know whther the cab has been removed, and whether something can be done to save her.<p>While all E units are precious these days, those with an armour yellow and grey heritage are particularly so to this writer. I would like to see what could be done to find #928 a proper home where she will never be placed in harm's way again! <br>

 Post subject: Re: Ex-UP E-9 in Danbury & UP E-8 #928 shell in Chey
PostPosted: Tue Dec 29, 1998 7:38 pm 

Kevin;<p>Both of the museum groups you mention and the U>P. folks were offered this unit either for sale or trade when the locomotive was owned by the RMNE. we were unsucessfully in concluding any arraingments with these groups prior to the sale to the current owner.<p>Al P.<br>

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