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RyPN Briefs July 25, 2006
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FW&D Caboose Donated to SRHA

An early 1900s Fort Worth & Denver caboose was recently donated to the Slaton Railroad Heritage Association by Mr. William Watson, a long time Lubbock businessman.

1920s FW&D caboose.  Photo by Jim Davis.

The caboose, which currently sits on a siding just to the west of the Slaton Harvey House, will soon be the focus a painstaking restoration, both inside and out. This effort has been greatly aided by Mr. David Gaines, from Wichita Falls, Texas, who kindly provided us with a blueprint of our FW&D caboose.

Blueprint courtesy of David Gaines.

This one appears to be from their model numbers 65 - 89, built between 1921 and 1927. Any additional information, or donations of original FW&D caboose beds, tables, lockers, wig wams, or a stove, would be  greatly appreciated. Interested persons may contact the author at tonyprivett@hotmail.com.