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RyPN Briefs March 17, 2006
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Two Special White Pass & Yukon Events for May 2006

White Pass in Oregon, May 6 and 7, 2006
Two days of photography on the Sumpter Valley Railway using a White Pass and Yukon photo freight, with genuine White Pass equipment in White Pass colors and lettering. The train should be about ten cars in length and will have a coach and open gondola on the rear for the photographers to ride. These two cars (which are not genuine White Pass cars) will be uncoupled and staged out of view for all run bys. The train consist will be changed throughout the weekend to allow a variety of different consists to be photographed. The locomotive will be White Pass & Yukon 81, 2-8-2 (Alco Schenectady 61980/1920), 3' gauge, originally Sumpter Valley 101. We hope to have the locomotive in different period liveries each day.

A new number plate is being cast for locomotive WP&Y 81. For those that are interested a few extra plates are being made and sold separately, but only to those people who reserve one. Only enough number plates will be cast to fill advance orders, and provide a plate for the locomotive for this weekend. You do not have to attend the event to order a number plate. The deadline for plate orders is April 1st, 2006. Price of the number plate is dependent upon the number of orders.

The White Pass and Yukon is in full support of this event and has given us their full blessing to restore and operate this equipment in their colors and proudly display their name.

This event is a firm go. The cost is USD $150.00 if you want to take in one day only, or USD $250.00 for the complete weekend and payment is due in advance.

White Pass in Alaska, May 12th to 14th, 2006
Continue on to Alaska for a three day railfan weekend on the real White Pass and Yukon. There will be several events for our group including special arrangements for line siding the regular trains. We will also be riding trains, have shop visits and there will be equipment displays and other activities. WP&Y 73, 2-8-2 (BLW 73352/1947), 3' gauge, should be out of the shop this week and undergoing testing for the renewal of her operating certificate. Sometime during our visit, it is expected she will be able to couple on to a few passenger cars and run up the line for us. WP&Y 69, 2-8-0 (BLW 32762/1908), 3' gauge, will be in the shop and you will be able to have a look at her, too. More details will be announced as they are worked out. This event is restricted to a maximum of 50 attendees.

The price for this railfan weekend is still be worked out by the railroad and will be posted as soon as it is known. Air fare, accommodation, meals, etc., are the responsibility of the guests.

For contact and reservation information for the above events, and other possible photo charter events as well, please see this link.